uPerform for healthcare is available to Epic users via their App Orchard marketplace. Quickly and easily publish learning content tailored for each role and specialty.

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Increase satisfaction

“Successful organizations recognize the incredible impact of initial and ongoing EMR education.”

– KLAS Arch Collaborative

Clinicians are satisfied when they are proficient with the EHR.

To be effective, the EHR needs to be personalized to the needs of your departments and individual clinicians. The most skilled clinicians are also more satisfied with the EHR. uPerform helps clinicians master those skills with learning content tailored to their individual needs and workflows.

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Accelerate onboarding.

“In less than 10 weeks, we completed more than 10,000 training events, and all our Physicians were ready to use the new software upon implementation.”

-Bobby Zarr, Infirmary Health

Ongoing education reduces turnover and gets beyond the basics.

With high turnover rates, your education team has to focus on new employee orientation. uPerform reinforces and deepens the learning with role-specific content available directly within the EHR. This ongoing training investment reduces turnover and makes your workplace a magnet for talented clinicians.

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Simplify Compliance.

“MIPS provides clinicians the flexibility to choose the activities and
measures that are most meaningful to their practice to demonstrate

– Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Higher proficiency reduces screen time and improves performance metrics.

Healthcare regulations and performance measures are evolving and change continuously. EHR systems are adding analytics to monitor effectiveness and target training opportunities. With uPerform, your education teams can quickly develop and deliver training content to improve performance and regulatory compliance.

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