See how quick and easy it is to record workflows in your customized applications, making tailored learning content available to all your employees from inside the application itself.

Increase adoption

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“The uPerform work instructions and simulations allow users to quickly and easily find the information they need to do a specific task in the system.”

– Garrett Broadus, PepsiCo

More proficient people produce better results.

To be effective, the EHR needs to be personalized to the needs of your departments and individual clinicians. The most skilled clinicians are also more satisfied with the EHR. uPerform helps clinicians master those skills with learning content tailored to their individual needs and workflows.

More effective with easier access.

Faster to proficiency

Accelerate return

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“uPerform was such a beneficial tool for Linfox. It made deploying the software more effective and allowed us to cut down on integration time.”

– John Ansley, Linfox

Avoid shelf-ware and speed up content creation.

Your investment lasts much longer than the initial rollout. Create meaningful learning content quickly and turn more users into experts faster. uPerform gets you the biggest bang for the buck through people using the software fully.

Underutilized software.

Faster Authoring

Reduce costs.

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“Users will open a new product and they’re confused, and rather than having to make a phone call, they can go right into the help and find the simulations… that walk them step-by-step…”

– Joan Angelini, Delta Airlines

Free up your support and training resources.

Healthcare regulations and performance measures are evolving and change continuously. EHR systems are adding analytics to monitor effectiveness and target training opportunities. With uPerform, your education teams can quickly develop and deliver training content to improve performance and regulatory compliance.

Fewer help desk calls

Less classroom training

Measurable Value

Effective training and support on the job are critical for the successful adoption of any complex software application. In the absence of high-quality training and ongoing support, users tend to under-use or misuse new systems – resulting in errors, non-compliance, and preventing organizations from achieving their expected returns on these significant investments.

Based on independent interviews conducted by Hobson and Company with ANCILE customers.

uPerform enables you to continuously reinforce their training and skills by providing learning content directly within the software application. Users save time searching for help, learning the system, and become proficient faster with less dependence on support staff. The result is a training team coordinating fewer in-person trainings and spending less time fielding support calls.

Upgrade to uPerform Cloud

Our most powerful digital learning platform backed by a robust infrastructure.

Our enhanced platform benefits administrators, authors, and learners:

  • new features faster, including automated upgrades and patches
  • virtual onboarding, training, and ongoing support assets for remote employees
  • no architectural and maintenance costs
  • hassle-free migration, including the transfer of content

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