uPerform helps UK healthcare organisations realise the potential of health IT and accelerate the onboarding process with its intuitive and flexible learning content management platform and in-application training and support.

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Harness technology.

  • Increase user adoption and proficiency
  • Optimise EPR and wider technology usage and investment
  • Support software upgrades with updated materials
  • Reduce helpdesk calls

Increase in user
efficiency with
faster information

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Transform training and onboarding.

  • Simplify content creation, dissemination, and management
  • Tailor learning to roles, specialties, and learning styles
  • Prepare new staff with pre-arrival technology training packages
  • Enhance digital literacy across the organisation

Reduction in
classroom training.

Reduction in
authoring time


Empower the workforce.

  • Spend more time with patients and less time in tech training
  • Increase confidence in powerful systems
  • Share expert knowledge quickly and easily
  • Reduce the potential for technology errors

Reduction in help
desk calls through
role- and
learning materials

uPerform provides the solution.

“Up to 70% of the success of an EPR rests on achieving rapid and effective user adoption.”

— Sand Hill Group and Neochange (2008). Achieving Enterprise Software “Success”


Create Content

Speed up content creation and updates with the uPerform app recorder. Publish content faster by recording tasks once and rapidly publishing content in a wide variety of document and simulation formats, including tip sheets.

In-Application Help

Help EPR users complete tasks quickly with role-based support only a click away. uPerform in-application help improves user proficiency working in the EPR by providing targeted help content at the time of need by placing help buttons and links within activities and workflows.

Training and eLearning

The cost of classroom training continues to increase but your budget does not, and it takes clinicians away from their work with patients. Reduce time spent in costly instructor-led training, accelerate the onboarding of new hires, and create eLearning courses faster with uPerform.

How ongoing education drives proficiency and adoption of the EPR

(Sponsored) Reducing clinician burnout can be supported by uPerform, which can ensure that hospitals maximize the potential of their EPR, as outlined by Johnathan Pascall, EMEA Healthcare Director at ANCILE Solutions.

Bridging the gaps in health IT training

(Sponsored) Clinicians need to have access to the resources required to use digital systems as painlessly as possible, helping to free up their time, says Johnathan Pascall, EMEA sales director of uPerform by ANCILE.

uPerform Overview for Healthcare

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