The Oracle Cloud training solution revolutionizing user adoption and support

Transform your software training approach by creating a digital learning ecosystem for the entire organization with tools that accelerate content creation, simplify content management, and increase operational efficiency. Whether that content is created with uPerform or curated from other sources, it thrives when it is put in the hands of the end-user, in the right place and at the right time in the flow of work when it’s needed most.

  • Rapidly create and curate training content that matches customized workflows: Speed up content creation and updates with the uPerform app recorder by recording once and automatically generating learning content in multiple formats, including procedural documentation, simulations, and videos. Single source authoring increases authoring efficiency and helps organizations transition to hybrid learning.
  • Streamline management of your content in one repository: A single training library, centralizing content from various sources, guarantees help is found and consumed quickly. Whether created or curated, all content is quickly found and consumed on uPerform using Google-like searches, videos like YouTube, and subscription features like favoriting and following content.
  • Enhance delivery: On-demand educational materials available in the workflow ensure content reaches end-users, building proficiency and increasing satisfaction with the software. Online classes reduce the time employees spend in training, decrease training costs, and eliminate travel expenses.

Don’t simply replace Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK). Upgrade to a digital learning platform built for the future.

uPerform is more than a UPK alternative. Help your users master Oracle eBusiness Suite, Fusion Apps, PeopleSoft, and other software applications while they work with training and guided in-application learning in the workflow.

Experience the uPerform difference:

  • Contextual, role-based in-application help available on-demand
  • Enhanced LMS integration, featuring AICC and SCORM compliance
  • Epic LMS agreement allowing the hosting of Epic content in uPerform
  • Real-time insight into user engagement and content effectiveness

We make the transition easy:

  • Migrate your UPK-created content for use in uPerform
  • uPerform supports your transition to Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, and beyond
  • Create and manage content for all your enterprise applications in a single repository

We’re here to help ensure you’re prepared for life after UPK. Contact us to learn how easy it is to transition today.

Delivering measurable business impact

Webinar Recording: Transforming Oracle Training and beyond with the uPerform digital learning platform


Planning an Oracle upgrade or looking for an alternative to Oracle UPK? Debra Riley, Technology Training Systems Administrator, and Ursula Boudreaux, Training Systems Manager at Crowley Maritime Corporation, shared their experience using uPerform over the years to successfully prepare and support employees during software rollouts and upgrades. Watch our webinar to learn the benefits Crowley experiences from creating, managing, and distributing content for Oracle and other enterprise applications in the single uPerform-hosted repository.

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Discover how uPerform provides organizations with software embedded support capabilities optimized for the rapid curation, creation, and dissemination of training and performance support content to your learners.

Content Distribution for Enterprise


While other eLearning solutions provide mechanisms for online training, uPerform offers employees ongoing support once training has completed. Help your staff master software rollouts and upgrades and get them back to work faster with continuous access to relevant training content right within the workflow of your software applications.

See it in action

Let us show you how uPerform supports formal and informal learning opportunities with eLearning courses and in-application help.

Content Creation for Enterprise

With uPerform, you can revolutionize the way you create training and support materials. Save up to half of your time crafting content with uPerform’s speedy recording tool, single-source authoring, multiple output types, and content curation capabilities.

Content Curation for Enterprise

uPerform provides a full content management and distribution system for the rapid creation and dissemination of content to learners. Centralize all your content including documents, videos, weblinks, and eLearning courses into a one-stop-shop learning platform on any web browser or integrated into your ERP and HCM applications.

Reporting and Analytics for Enterprise

Drive user adoption and proficiency of your software applications by continuously monitoring user engagement and content effectiveness with uPerform.



Maximizing the ROI on your Software Investments


Managing eLearning courses in uPerform with or without an LMS Webinar recording


Setup for Success: Creating Continuous Learning Opportunities with uPerform

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