Bending the Epic training and support cost curve

November 19, 2020
by Caitlin McVeigh-Gagnon

Poor, inefficient software training and ongoing support have large cost implications for health systems.

uPerform supports digital onboarding, training, and just-in-time support by providing access to tip sheets, simulations, and videos within the workflow across your health IT applications including Epic, Workday, Oracle, ServiceNow, and Kronos. With continuous access to relevant training content, clinicians spend less time in the classroom or searching for help and more time where they are needed most – with patients. With rapid content creation and curation functionality, training teams stay ahead of upgrades efficiently delivering eLearning courses and task level instructions tailored for each role and specialty.

Reduce your go-live and upgrade training costs, create more efficient users, and prepare for the future by implementing a digital learning strategy with virtual onboarding, training, and continuous performance support. Independent research qualified time and cost savings finding the potential for:

  • 45% reduction in time away from the job for learners
  • 15% reduction in time end-users spent searching for help
  • 40% reduction in instructor-led training cost
  • 50% reduction in time spent authoring and administering content
  • 40% reduction in the number of help desk calls per year  

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Research for the white paper was conducted by Hobson & Company, a research firm focused on Return on Investment (ROI) studies. The firm conducted in-depth interviews with ANCILE clients that use uPerform with healthcare and business applications.

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