User Adoption

User Adoption: What It Really Is And Why It Matters

Realizing full value from your software investments can be challenging. Successfully changing to new software or new processes requires that you win the hearts and enable the minds of your team members. To do this, you need to use tactics that will engage your team and ensure team proficiency. Organizations should place a high priority on getting to this state of user adoption in order to realize the promised value of the change.

In a Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) survey, Achieving Enterprise Software Success, 72% of those surveyed said effective user adoption was the most important factor for realizing software value. The survey report goes on to state:

“Many software deployments deliver 100% on the business requirements only to fail in the final phase of user adoption.”

What is User Adoption?

User adoption occurs when your team reaches the level of mastery that maximizes their effectiveness with the application to help them successfully perform on the job. Getting to user adoption means winning the hearts and minds of humans.

User Adoption is not software adoption or implementation. Adoption is not the moment you ‘go live’ and everyone starts logging into your new or upgraded application. When we focus on this go-live milestone as the finish line, we miss the real opportunity to successfully prepare for employee proficiency and long-term productivity. Go-live is not the end point, but rather a milestone on the way to ongoing employee adoption of the change.

User Adoption Is A Major Issue

Although there are a variety of user adoption metrics that can be measured to quantify user adoption, the gut feeling of organizations is that user adoption is a major problem. As part of a 2014 survey of 200 organizations, Neochange defined effective usage as “active users, with high levels of user feature consumption producing business results”. Respondents to the survey “believed they are achieving effective usage rates of 47%.” That’s like leaving half of your new software on the shelf.

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How To Increase User Adoption

Because user adoption involves the hearts and minds of your team, there is no one-size fits all solution. However, ANCILE uPerform has helped hundreds of organizations and millions of users with software adoption using time tested techniques.

How to Increase User Adoption – Learn the basics of why users don’t adopt and what you can do to encourage adoption.

User Adoption Strategies – Get specific strategies to help you win the hearts and minds of your users.

User Adoption Metrics – Learn about which user adoption metrics to measure and why.

Post Go Live Support – Go live is not the finish line. Learn about the ongoing support your users will need after go live.

Reduce SaaS Churn Rate – Learn how software vendors can reduce their customer churn rate with user adoption.

Learn About uPerform – A User Adoption Solution

uPerform is ANCILE’s answer to user adoption. uPerform is the fastest, easiest way to create and manage software learning content, which is accessed by users right within the software they use every day. It can work for any organization undergoing a software transition. If you want to increase user adoption and maximize user success, learn more about uPerform.