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The mission of ANCILE uPerform is simple: maximize technology ROI. ANCILE uPerform addresses the “forgetting curve”, the challenges of enabling a diverse workforce, and the use of complex technical applications by:

Let’s face it. There are a lot of performance support tools out there that let you easily capture screenshots or provide pop-up “bubbles” of guidance, but they don’t help you address the ongoing requirement to quickly refresh content, adapt to change, and capture all that business process knowledge that sits within your workforce. Software return-on-investment is achieved when users not only know the basics of how to use the software, but use it skillfully and knowledgeably to advance business objectives. It is this ongoing process – across the software lifecycle – where uPerform excels.

uPerform Economic Value and Benefits

Find out how uPerform delivers bottom-line value to address four workplace learning challenges.

uPerform Key Benefits

Software Adoption

Give your team the performance support software they need, exactly when they need it. uPerform lets you provide customized, on-the-job learning to drive software adoption, enhance user understanding and proficiency, and maximize your software investment. Whether you’re implementing new enterprise software, introducing a cloud-based application, or upgrading existing software, uPerform helps ensure adoption.

Cost Reductions

Traditional classroom training is expensive. uPerform reduces the need for classrooms, instructors, travel and accommodation, and production of course materials, as well as dramatically reduces the volume of help desk calls and tickets. uPerform delivers support software with context-sensitive help, directly at the time of need, to users as they are performing their job.

Employee Efficiency

With uPerform, you can easily capture important knowledge to ensure it’s never lost and ensure it’s shared throughout your organization. By making it easy to capture and share, your workforce can always access the most up-to-date knowledge, which maximizes employee productivity and efficiency.

Employee Engagement

A key factor to engagement is an employee’s sense of mastery. You have an enormous amount of knowledge and information throughout your workforce and you likely have a number of subject matter experts inside your operations, but how are you capturing and sharing this information? ANCILE uPerform lets you turn corporate knowledge into learning content, so your employees master business applications and processes. Providing your employees with the right knowledge, help, and support – when, where, and how it’s needed – translates to a more engaged team.

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