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ANCILE uAlign is a mobile corporate communications solution in the cloud – accessible via desktop workstation, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. ANCILE uAlign allows you to rapidly communicate key information and confirm receipt and comprehension.

Create a new message or grab existing content, send a prioritized message to key employees wherever they are, and track employees as they consume the message and complete a quick assessment. With ANCILE uAlign, employees are always informed and aligned, always engaged, always productive.

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Automatically generate custom ROI reports based on your specific business goals.

What can you do with uAlign?

Distribute a how-to video on how to get started with a new application

Quickly communicate business process changes or compliance requirements

Confirm receipt and test understanding of the message content

Reach, educate and incentivize team members in non-traditional or remote work environments

Identify team members and subject areas that need extra attention

Leverage and re-purpose existing learning content for updates and refresher training

Elevate need-to-know information on change initiatives to the top of employees’ to-do lists

Track usage statistics, assessment scores, and progress against goals

Employees can benchmark their own progress and performance compared to team members

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