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Camstar Academy Introduces the Camstar Adoption Platform

The Camstar Academy provides adoption solutions that support value realization of the Camstar Enterprise Platform.

The Camstar Enterprise Platform is a global-ready, growth-ready enterprise manufacturing execution system (MES) for control, visibility, and continuous improvement. As part of the Siemens MOM portfolio within the Siemens PLM Software group, Camstar’s industry-leading Medical Device and Semiconductor suites help manufacturers rapidly realize innovation with the highest quality.

The Camstar Academy partners with customers to help define, develop, and deliver the right adoption solutions based on their unique business processes and needs. This includes offering best practice guidance on adoption strategies, delivering role-based training, developing customer-specific learning programs, as well as innovative technologies through the Camstar Adoption Platform (CAP).

The Camstar Adoption Platform (CAP) represents the technology that enables the rapid creation and effective delivery of change communications, procedural help documentation, simulations, eLearning courses, and context-sensitive help to support users at the moment of need.

Factors Impacting Value Realization from Technology

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So What is CAP Exactly?

CAP is the software that enables:

  • Procedural documents and simulations produced from a single source file developed quickly by recording tasks from directly within the Camstar applications
  • Specific, meaningful, on-the-job help based on unique business process delivered through the Camstar application
  • Role-based eLearning content created through a rapid development, stencil-based authoring tool
  • Business impact and change communications created and distributed through a cloud-based platform that facilitates two-way communications through message validation and audience feedback.

Download the Camstar Adoption Program (CAP) Datasheet!

Get the scoop on how to enable successful value realization through effective user adoption with CAP.

How Does CAP Help You?

In order to take full advantage of innovative adoption technologies, the Camstar Adoption Platform helps customers:

  • Achieve quicker user adoption through the combination of change communications and learning content
  • Increase user competency by providing in-application help at the moment of need
  • Optimize communication and learning technology that is flexible, pragmatic, and customer-specific
  • Deploy role-based learning and content formats that meet user learning preferences
  • Obtain visibility into user proficiency, organizational readiness, and opportunities for enhanced learning

How Do I Learn More?

Take a look at the rapid recorder and context-sensitive help features of the Camstar Adoption Platform, and fill out the form below to learn more.

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