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SAP Productivity Pak helps enable software adoption across the SAP application portfolio. This product provides SAP users with the ability to access critical guidance and learning content – throughout the entire software lifecycle. Informed and knowledgeable team members are key to software adoption and return on technology investment.

Why SAP Productivity Pak?

SAP Productivity Pak (SPP) drives rapid user adoption of the SAP application portfolio by allowing organizations to create, deliver, and consume relevant, quality learning content, helping users achieve proficiency and sustain performance over time.

How Does it Achieve That?

SAP SPP accommodates different learning styles by providing content in different formats and in different languages, and delivers it right at the moment of need, right within the SAP application. Plus, it tracks users’ comprehension of SAP applications, and targets areas for improvement. When business processes or technology versions change, all documentation can be updated rapidly from the single source file first created by the SPP application.

So What is it Exactly?

SAP SPP is a software application that allows your company to create context-sensitive online help as well as rich, interactive documents, guides and simulations, for SAP solutions plus over 100 of the world’s most-used business applications (including OpenText Content Server). Content and help is available in multiple languages, directly at the moment of need within the application itself, and in a format that matches the user’s role and learning style.

Download the SPP, Cloud Edition Datasheet!

Learn how SAP puts continuous user adoption in your hands and on the cloud with SPP, Cloud Edition.

How Does it Help Their Customers?

Visit the SAP website for more information on SAP Productivity Pak.

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ANCILE is a proud partner of SAP and is the developer of the software behind SAP Productivity Pak which enables the rapid creation and delivery of learning content to users of SAP applications. ANCILE helps organizations to realize the full potential of their technology applications and the people who use them. Our solutions focus on user proficiency and user adoption as the key drivers of software success. ANCILE products are deployed across the globe with more than 19 million users and over 4,400 customers, including half of the Fortune 100.