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Why OpenText Personalized Help?

The OpenText Personalized Help solution helps to increase the adoption of OpenText applications by enabling end users of those applications to become more proficient and productive in their roles. By doing so, OpenText Personalized Help maximizes the value OpenText customers receive from OpenText applications.

How Does it Achieve That?

OpenText Personalized Help helps customer organizations get the highest return on their OpenText investment through the rapid creation of learning, performance support and documentation content. Users access and leverage the conceptual and procedural content that is specific to the user’s role and/or language helping them complete their tasks in an effective and efficient manner. As a result, user adoption improves as users rapidly gain confidence in using the OpenText application.

So What Exactly is It?

OpenText Personalized Help is comprised of software and an OpenText Professional Services engagement.

The software allows OpenText and its customers to rapidly create personalized help content, how-to demos, hands-on practice simulations, job aids, classroom training guides, business process documents, test scripts and many more from a single source file.

The services component covers the installation of the software and OpenText subject matter experts who create custom content that is unique to the customer’s business processes and the way they use OpenText applications.

Download the OpenText Personalized Help Overview

Learn more about enabling individual performance and team success through powerful content authoring and management functionality.

How Does it Help OpenText Customers?

  • Achieves faster ROI and optimizes software investment: drives users towards successful adoption
  • In-application personalized help rapidly increases competency, reduces errors and drives productivity
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): decrease the help desk burden and cut support costs by proactively training users. Help desk calls are reduced since users can resolve issues themselves
  • Rapid production of dozens of content formats in multiple languages from a single input source reduces costs even further
  • Lowers risk: delivers consistent, best-practice content across departments, languages, and regions to ensure compliance
  • Provides management visibility into user proficiency, organizational readiness, and opportunities for enhanced learning

How Do I Learn More?

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