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Why HPE Art?

HPE Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) and HPE ART Enterprise Learning Edition (ART ELE) combine robust prebuilt user enablement and learning material (built by HPE) and the powerful technology of ANCILE uPerform into solutions that provide continuous enablement and drive proficiency and rapid user adoption of HPE software applications. In addition to ART, ANCILE’s partnership with HPE offers customers increased integration between uPerform and HPE Application Lifecycle Management/Quality Center. These products work together to create and manage test scripts.

How Does it Achieve That?

HPE expert content makes customers’ and users’ lives easier by accommodating different learning styles and modes, so total adoption time can be reduced by up to 50%. As a result, users become proficient sooner and ROI on HPE Software investments is faster.

So What Exactly is It?

HPE’s ART and ART ELE are state-of-the-art learning solutions that consist of interactive material built by HPE experts that users can access anytime, anywhere. ART enables you to easily customize this material to suit your specific requirements.

Learn more about HPE ART ELE

Read more about the latest edition to the HPE ART family: the Enterprise Learning Edition (ART ELE). In addition to all the capabilities of HPE’s flagship ART product, you get content management capabilities to rapidly create, manage, and distribute eLearning within a collaborative environment.

How Does it Help their Customers?

  • Achieves Faster return on investments on software investments: in-application guidance rapidly increases adoption, reduces errors and drives productivity
  • Reduces TCO: decreases help desk and support costs by empowering users and providing help desk staff the ability to rapidly author new demos and dynamic help content or edit that content when business processes change
  • Increases user productivity and job satisfaction: work life is easier due to on-demand, personalized guidance in a format they prefer
  • Lowers project risk: delivers consistent, best-practice content across departments, languages, and regions

How Do I Learn More?

Check out this HPE ART overview and visit HPE’s website.

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ANCILE is the developer of the software behind HPE ART, which enables the rapid creation and delivery of learning content to users of HPE Software applications. ANCILE helps organizations to realize the full potential of their technology applications and the people who use them. Our solutions focus on user proficiency and user adoption as the key drivers of software success. ANCILE products are deployed across the globe with more than 20 million users and over 4,600 customers, including half of the Fortune 100.