Create eLearning courses, simulations, and other content for software adoption, training, and enterprise-wide knowledge sharing with uPerform. With record-once/publish-many technology, anyone in your organization can easily and quickly capture or document knowledge and distribute content to employees at the point of need, in the right language, and in the right format.
Confirm receipt, understanding, and actions related to your communications to employees, partners, and contractors with ANCILE uAlign. ANCILE uAlign is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based validated communication software - an all-in-one solution - that’s accessible via desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.
Create and deliver in-application, walkthrough guidance for web applications using ANCILE uGuide interactive walkthrough software. Produce help content using a simple recording process that captures mouse clicks, key presses, and right- and left-click actions. To ensure your content stays fresh, uGuide recognizes when buttons or fields change, or the language is switched, and automatically updates the guidance on the fly.
Whether your organization has a hundred employees or thousands, you’ve likely built up a library of learning content. The uLearn learning management system (LMS) puts all your learning content in one place and lets you target it right at those who need it. If you're looking for a solution that is quick to implement, easy to use and manage, highly scalable and adaptable, and extremely cost-effective... then you should be looking at uLearn.