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BMC ESA is fully customizable software that features education content developed by BMC experts. It provides documentation, training, and performance support to the user community in a way that matches their individual learning styles.
HPE’s Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) is a state-of-the-art learning solution that consists of interactive material built by HPE experts that users can access anytime, anywhere. ART enables you to easily customize this material to suit your specific requirements.
Custom context-sensitive help provides users with what they need to know to perform a task in OpenText: just the right content, just in time, on any device, helping users become more proficient, so they can do their jobs more productively.
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SAP Productivity Pak (SPP) drives rapid user adoption of the SAP application portfolio by allowing organizations to create, deliver, and consume relevant, quality learning content, helping users achieve proficiency and sustain performance over time.
To address the unique environment of your school district, SunGard’s LearningPlus user adoption solution consists of eLearning content created by SunGard K-12 subject matter experts as well as uPerform Express software that allows SunGard customers to modify and add to the SunGard-produced content.
The Camstar Adoption Platform (CAP) technology enables the rapid creation and effective delivery of change communications, procedural help documentation, simulations, eLearning courses, and context-sensitive help to support users at the moment of need.