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What’s New in uPerform 5.4?

uPerform 5.4 introduces exciting new features that improve user adoption and user performance for the world’s most popular enterprise software applications, both on-premise and web-based, accessed either on desktop or on mobile device. These features include:

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What's New in uPerform 5.4

Fluid Design

Improved responsive end-user website skin that dynamically resizes content and user interface elements on desktop and mobile devices

Simulation Formats

An ability to quickly publish simulations to MP4 or WMV formats to facilitate sharing in both online and offline environments

Mobile Output

A new, condensed document output type featuring automatically cropped screenshots in a 3-column layout that is more easily printed for access by users in a shop floor work environment or viewed on mobile devices

In-App, Contextual Help

In-application Context Sensitive Help for web-based applications, where users can instantly access all relevant help content, presented in a simple step-by-step format in an integrated window

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Now, users of web applications can benefit from the same types of help and guidance content that uPerform distributes in on-premise systems. Whether users prefer quick reference cue-cards or simulations and videos, they can access that content in a browser window that responds to the size of their mobile devices or desktop monitor.

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The Evolution of ANCILE uPerform

Project Management


Task Management

New Rapid Recorder

New Website Skins

Customizable Dashboard

Superior Recording Capability


Enhanced Recording Supporting over 200 “Known Target Apps”

Modern User Interfaces in Editor

View Content on iOS, Android, and Windows Tablets

Faster Search Capability

SAML-based Single Sign-on Support

eLearning Course Updates


Updated eLearning Course Features

Ability to Add Web Videos to Courses

Embedded Simulations

Enhanced End User Experience


Video Output for Simulations (MP4 or WMV)

Procedure Table for Condensed Output

Mobile Responsive End-user Website Skin

Enhanced In-Application CSH Across All Major Browsers