uPerform for EHR Optimization and Meaningful Use Compliance

uPerform for EHR Optimization
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The Path to EHR Optimization

“In less than 10 weeks, we completed more than 10,000 training events, and all our physicians were ready to use the new software upon implementation.”

Bobby Zarr, IT Training Lead, Infirmary Health
Let’s face it: you can’t get results like these from Infirmary Health without users being on board.

However, when getting your users up to speed, it’s not always practical, efficient, or cost-effective to require physicians and other healthcare professionals to learn a new system through traditional learning methods. Working professionals learn far more effectively through repetition of the tasks specific to their job function. To achieve a desired level of meaningful use, compliance, and optimization of your Electronic Health Record (EHR) application, users must be able to access the “how to” when they “need to.”

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User Adoption and Compliance

The journey to effective EHR user adoption requires three things from your software learning content:

  1. Learning content must be specific to your EHR configuration
  2. Delivery of the learning content must be in the user’s preferred format
  3. Consumption of the learning content must be on the user’s device of choice

Create Learning Content Specific to Your EHR

“I was able to take my team and go from what the ANCILE team helped us build in lessons 1 and 2, and build out the other 22 lessons in time for us to meet our 6 week window of training.”

Eddy Stephens, VP & CIO, Infirmary Health

Using ANCILE uPerform, your IT staff, trainers, and subject matter experts can rapidly record, edit, and publish learning content that matches your unique EHR configuration. User proficiency is accelerated when you deliver custom content to your team to help them perform tasks within your EHR system. And, when you implement future changes to your EHR software, your team can quickly update and publish learning content to reflect the updated configuration.

Deliver Learning Content in Your Users’ Preferred Formats

“We were constantly getting feedback from the physicians… and we were able to make improvements on the fly… Over 70% of our physicians completed all 22 of the learning modules, even though they were not required to…”

Eddy Stephens, VP & CIO, Infirmary Health

Your users have unique preferences in learning content format. Some might prefer to watch a simulation; others might want ‘just the facts’ delivered in a short quick reference. To encourage learning, you want to meet these preferences. The single-source recording that ANCILE uPerform creates allows you to do just that.  When you record a task in your EHR with ANCILE uPerform, the results is one file that can be published to multiple output types, such as a work instruction, a simulation, a quick reference, and many others. This single-source file also make it very easy to incorporate future changes and publish new content. Your users get always-current learning content in their format of choice.

Allow Consumption of Content On Your Users’ Device of Choice

“We had to look for an alternative to train 850 physicians and 500 staff on the systems effectively… whether it was a mobile device or a stationary device at their home or desktop, and we really felt that uPerform fit that bill.”

Eddy Stephens, VP & CIO, Infirmary Health

Your healthcare professionals demand access to learning content at a time of their choosing and on their preferred device. And they want content that’s easy to find (read more about the challenge here). ANCILE’s solutions allow users to consume learning content on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices from a central enterprise location that is accessible from within the EHR’s help system. So, there’s no hunting around for the right content to help your team complete a task.

To prove meaningful use and avoid withdrawal of funding, you must demonstrate the adoption of the EHR application in practical, everyday interactions with your patients. ANCILE uPerform not only helps your users adopt and master your solution, it also gives you information on how your users are consuming the learning content associated with tasks in your EHR system. ANCILE uPerform reports on what training has been completed and helps you identify specific areas in the EHR software where additional focus and resources may be required to overcome the barriers to effective user adoption.