uPerform Value Drivers

Reduce Training Costs

“In less than 10 weeks, we completed more than 10,000 training events and all our physicians were ready to use the new software upon implementation. We looked closely at other training options, but ultimately, we never could have done this without ANCILE uPerform.”

Bobby Zarr, Infirmary Health

Reduce training overhead. Increase learning value.

Time spent in the classroom is time away from the job, and learners quickly forget much of what they heard in class. Why not focus on supporting performance on the job instead? With ANCILE uPerform, you can reduce spend that doesn’t add value and focus on meeting your learners’ needs with content that’s available from directly within your business applications. Your business will see savings from:

70% → 30%

Reduction in Proportion of Classroom Training

3 weeks

Average Reduction in Time to Competency

Reduced time and travel costs for instructor-led training
Reduced facility rentals and scheduling overhead
Quicker time-to-proficiency during employee onboarding

Case Study: Infirmary Health

Learn how Infirmary Health, one of the nation’s largest nongovernment healthcare systems, revamped training processes and realized giant returns in just six months with uPerform.

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