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Drive Software ROI

uPerform “was such a beneficial tool for Linfox. It made deploying the software more effective and allowed us to cut down on integration time.”

John Ansley, Linfox

Avoid shelfware. Embrace user adoption.

Ask technology professionals what’s the most important factor to getting business value out of software, and the majority will say ‘user adoption’. But most of the focus is at go-live, while true value comes through sustaining that adoption over the software lifecycle. Getting your team to use the application, use more of the application, and use the application better is the key to software ROI. With ANCILE uPerform, you can deliver sustained enablement and learning to help your team go from novice to expert.


Purchased Software that is Underutilized


Enterprise Applications Supported by uPerform

Ensure you get ROI by:

Preparing employees in order to reduce go-live risk
Delivering relevant, role-specific content on the job and in the software to help users achieve mastery
Easily maintaining fresh learning content through changing business processes and software upgrades

Case Study: City of Burnaby

Learn how the City of Burnaby replaced outdated, hard-to-find training with up-to-date, online, searchable content to help employees perform and help the organization see software ROI.

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