uPerform Value Drivers

Decrease Support Costs

Users “will open a new product and they’re confused, and rather than having to make a phone call, they can go right into the help and find the simulations… that walk them step-by-step…”

Joan Angelini, Delta Airlines

End the “How do I…” calls.

When users call your help desk – or ask the person in the next cubicle – time is wasted. Help answer these how-to moments by embedding the answer right within the software application. Online context sensitive help (CSH) with ANCILE uPerform puts the answer just one click away, serving up help in the user’s desired format and language. Reducing calls to your help desk:


Reduction in Help Desk Calls


Reduction in Support Tickets

Allows you to focus on value-add efforts by your IT team
Lets your organization cost-effectively scale as business needs – and number of employees – grow
Reduces dollars spent on support

Case Study: McGraw-Hill Education

Find out how learning simulations deliver a richer training experience and streamline operations.

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