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We looked at 10 or more competitive tools, and ANCILE uPerform was the only solution that met all our selection criteria. Beyond helping us to solve our biggest challenge – ever-increasing support costs – uPerform also increases sales margins, reduces deployment times and cost to customers, and decreases Professional Services costs. Plus, we believe it will help us get more deals. Bottom line, ANCILE uPerform adds value.”

Sam Mendelsohn, VP, Business Development & Professional Services, Jonas Software

A Content Solution for You. A User Adoption Solution for your Customers

With Agile software development methodologies and timelines, it’s never been more challenging to create, manage, and deliver documentation and learning content about your software. ANCILE’s technology has been deployed by tier 1 software companies, including SAP, Micro Focus, OpenText, Siemens, and PowerSchool, to drive user adoption, reduce education services costs and solve many software education challenges, including:

Case Study: McGraw-Hill Education

Find out how learning simulations deliver a richer training experience and streamline operations.

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Version diversion challenges – keeping content updated on pace with new releases
Rising support costs and increasing support infrastructure
Localization (translation) of learning content
Optimizing usage of pre-sales resources to most qualified opportunities

The Path to User Adoption and Forever Customers

User adoption helps you ensure customer satisfaction. Learn how to achieve adoption and create ‘forever customers’.

With uPerform, software companies can experience:


Reduction in Content Development Effort


Reduction in Help Desk Support


Reduction in Help Desk Calls/Tickets


Reduction in Learning/Documentation Content Authoring Time


Languages Available for Instant Translation


Output Types from a Single Recording

Rapidly Create eLearning Courses

With ANCILE uPerform, you can rapidly create eLearning courses in advance and provide access to customers on demand as they become new customers and as they onboard new users any time during the software lifecycle. eLearning Content is accessible on a dedicated web site, and can be consumed on any device by the end user.

Courses are built using templates and pre-defined stencils, and can be customized with your company’s branding. They can incorporate audio, video, animations, transition effects, assessments, and interactive elements to allow the user to self-pace their learning experience.

Provide rich simulations and performance support right within your application

ANCILE uPerform allows your content authors or subject matter experts to rapidly capture and record business processes and how-to’s simply by using your software as they would every day. This recording is created as a single XML file, and can be published into a variety of formats, including simulations, and delivered as Context Sensitive Help right within your application.

These simulations are available in “See it”, “Try it”, and “Test it” modes, providing end users with access to a format that matches their learning preferences. uPerform simulations maximize user performance because they are accessed at the moment of need – right when the user is entering a transaction or executing a business process within your application.