What Is an EPSS and Why Is It Important?

An EPSS (electronic performance support system) is a software solution that adds value to enterprise systems through enhanced end user performance. An EPSS empowers your users to perform at their best by helping them to take full advantage of the business applications they use every day without becoming stuck or needing help.

If you’re looking for an EPSS, ANCILE uPerform® will give you everything you need to make sure your users are successful by streamlining the delivery of personalized learning content so that it is easily understandable, adaptable, and applicable to each of your end user’s unique needs and goals.

What Are the Primary Advantages of an EPSS for Your Organization?

If you’ve gone through the process of implementing new software at a large organization, you probably already know that traditional classroom learning only gets your users so far.

Whether you use in-class training or not, the bottom line is that your end users still have questions once the official training phase is over. An EPSS supports those users with efficient distribution of learning content to empower them far beyond the go-live stage.

UPERFORM Context Sensitive Help

Take a look at this video to see how uPerform’s context sensitive help allows users to access content at their point of need.

ANCILE uPerform context sensitive Help

uPerform seamlessly delivers support to your users through subscriptions, personal online portals, and context sensitive help within the application. With these features, your users will continue to build confidence using the new software and steadily increase their efficiency and productivity.

Besides these great benefits to the end user, uPerform helps your organization realize greater user adoption, maximize ROI on your software investment, reduce help desk tickets, and improve your authors’ ability to rapidly create and maintain content. Read more about the benefits of our EPSS.

uPerform Video Demo Collection

Get everything you need to learn about uPerform with the free video demo collection. With over 25 minutes of demo and instructional videos, you can every aspect of the platform in action.

The EPSS Experience Vs. the Status Quo

Imagine a day in the life of your user trying to complete a task in a new or upgraded application.

The Status Quo

Let’s say your user is trying to enter information into a CRM or ERP. After logging in, the user forgets exactly how to perform the task at hand – that in-classroom training was so long ago! They might go through a series of steps like:

They look through their desk for the training manual they received, but they can’t find it.

They turn to the all-knowing IT help desk, submitting a ticket asking how to perform the task. They know that they won’t get a response right away, so they keep looking.

The user wades through the unfiltered company shared drive or LMS.

After a fruitless search, they tap a co-worker to help them, and now two users are caught up in this wild goose chase.

Meanwhile, the clock is still ticking and the user is becoming more and more frustrated and is no closer to completing their task.

This not the experience you want for your busy users.

Enter uPerform

Instead, what if a user could get instant, up to the minute help in a variety of learning modalities delivered right to them in the application itself? uPerform offers several powerful delivery methods to keep users moving.

Context Sensitive Help Makes Users Unstoppable

Let’s take the above example again and see how the user’s experience is different using uPerform. The beginning is much the same – the user gets stuck trying to perform some task in an application.

However, now there is a uPerform help button right there on the screen in the application.

This is no ordinary help button.

When the user clicks it, a window pops up with a variety of resources related to the exact task the user is working on.

The user can then select from a variety of materials, such as a cue card of how to perform the operation or a step-by-step simulation that the user can follow.

Without having to leave the business application, look for materials, wait for IT help, or interrupt another co-worker, your user has quickly found the help they need to continue on with their day.

Personalized Online Portals Make It Easy to Find Learning Content

Besides Context Sensitive help, a user also has access to a Personalized Online Portal where learning materials related specifically to the user and their role are organized and available whenever they need them.

Subscriptions Keep Users Up-To-Date

If there is ever a change in a process or an application, users can be notified by subscriptions that will push out updates that are specific to their role. This personalized touch ensures that your users never feel that they have been left in the dark and are always compliant with the most up-to-date processes.

Learn More About How Our uPerform EPSS Can Help Your Users

At ANCILE, we want your users to feel at ease. We know what an upheaval training can be for busy professionals who can be frustrated by new or changing software. uPerform makes this transition as easy as possible.

Our EPSS streamlines learning and empowers ongoing usage to minimize stress felt by your users and your learning team. To learn more about uPerform and get a customized demo that addresses your pain points, contact us today.