The Adobe Captivate Alternative that Gives you the Best of Both Worlds

While you may be looking at Captivate alternatives, you might also be wondering, “What do I do with all that great Captivate content? I put so much work into it!”

We understand. It can take as much as 80 hours of effort to produce a single hour of eLearning courseware in Adobe’s screen capture software. With all that investment in time, energy and money, you don’t want to just walk away from it.

Luckily, with ANCILE uPerform®, you don’t have to. uPerform is the fastest, easiest way to create, manage, and distribute learning content. While it is the best Captivate alternative you’ll find, it’s also the only Captivate alternative that allows you to upload, manage, and distribute existing Captivate content as easily as it does uPerform content.

One of the challenges with Captivate content is distributing it to learners once it has been created. For many, this content sits on vast shared document sites like SharePoint in file structures that can make it nearly impossible for users to find. Similarly, Captivate content that gets sent to Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Adobe Captivate Prime, is often ignored due to poor search capabilities, file structures, and user experience.

With ANCILE uPerform, your Captivate content becomes a managed document within uPerform’s server environment. It can be tagged with keywords, linked from any document or interface, subscribed to, and most importantly, served in-context to users of enterprise software applications.

uPerform Video Demo Collection

Get everything you need to learn about uPerform with the free video demo collection. With over 25 minutes of demo and instructional videos, you can every aspect of the platform in action.

How uPerform’s Context Sensitive Help gives Adobe Captivate Content New Life

Imagine an employee is trying to enter a timesheet in the company HR system, but has forgotten the codes they need to indicate PTO/vacation time. They may recall the Captivate-developed course they took when they onboarded as a new employee, but have no idea where it is now or what it’s called. They may take time to look for it on the company intranet, or dig through the LMS to try to find it, but many users will give up or enter a wrong code just to get the task done.

In uPerform, your existing Captivate content can be served within Context Sensitive Help (CSH). When the user is trying to perform a task, and has forgotten what to do, they can request CSH by simply clicking on a question mark that stays on the screen even while they scroll through the application.

When they click on the question mark, uPerform senses what screen they’re on, and serves all relevant content in a new window right within the application. This way, the user doesn’t have to perform a search. From this window, the user can be served step-by-step guidance, quick reference documents, simulations, .mp4 videos, and both Captivate eLearning and uPerform eLearning courses that are specific to the task the user is performing and tailored to the role they perform. All that pre-existing Captivate content is now at the fingertips of the user who no longer needs to search, call the help desk, or bother a co-worker for the information.

Why ANCILE uPerform is the best Captivate Alternative

One of the reasons you find your Captivate content so valuable is because you have invested so much time to produce it. While that content continues to have value, you know it is unsustainable to continue to invest that much time in developing new content as your employee base grows and enterprise applications continue to evolve.

ANCILE uPerform lets you

Create learning content 50% faster with its powerful recording and document creation technology.

Instantly publish 32 document formats at the push of a button, including PowerPoint, simulations, and .mp4 video.

Easily make changes by accessing uPerform’s XML file format and simply editing the step that changed. Changes made in the source document are automatically captured in all 32 document types and published to the server, where users are always accessing the most up-to-date version.

Produce content in over 30 languages – again, simply at the touch of a button.

Share the workload by sending uPerform’s unique "Rapid Recorder" to subject matter experts who can record content with simple controls like Play, Pause, and Stop – no training or learning curve required.

GE Says ANCILE uPerform Is The Easiest “By Far”

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Learn More About How to Transition from Adobe Captivate

Other Adobe Captivate competitors don’t compare to uPerform. With ANCILE uPerform, you get the best of both worlds: the fastest, easiest way to create, manage, and distribute new learning content, and a way to give existing Adobe Captivate content new life by giving users instant access to it right within the applications they use every day to perform their jobs.

If you still have concerns about choosing an alternative to Adobe Captivate, we can help. Contact us at ANCILE to discuss any questions you may have about uPerform or request a customized uPerform demo that addresses your organization’s pain points.