Our products make the difference. 
    Our people make it possible.

A career at ANCILE is a unique experience. We foster an environment of innovation, teamwork, and value creation for our partners and customers — striving to always provide a challenging, collaborative, and fulfilling experience, and to attract the top industry talent.

Join the ‘best in class’ team as we continue to develop and support learning and productivity solutions.

We produce ‘best in class’ solutions for our partners and customers.

You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud.

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Learn more about the background and experiences of just a few of the people who fill various roles at ANCILE.

Customer Success Group

Kim McMaster
Kim McMaster, Partner/Customer Care Team Leader

Mary Kate Murray
Mary Kate Murray, Customer Success Scrum Team Member

Vanessa Smith
Vanessa Smith, Escalation Manager


Sales & Service Group

Kym Dillon
Kym Dillon, Team Leader, Professional Services

Lisa Holland
Lisa Holland, Director, Sales Operations

Greg LaPalomento
Greg LaPalomento, Professional Services Consultant

Dave Mensah
Dave Mensah, Pre-Sales Engineer


Software Development and Innovation Group

Rob Sariscak
Rob Sariscak, Software Architect